Hunters and trappers will now be able to record their catch and 'punch in' their hours on a mobile app, or by calling a freephone number. 

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri launched the game reporting service on Tuesday.

Licensed hunters and trappers are required by law to record their catch and log details such as the time and date of their hunting and trapping expeditions. 

Camilleri told a press conference that even those who do not bag any catch need to log details of when they went out hunting and trapping. This is known as 'hunting effort'.

According to Richard Lia, head of the Wild Bird Regulation Unit, details about the 'hunting effort' of some 10,000 licensees and an additional 4,000 trappers are required for scientific research.

The freephone number is 8000 2020, while the app is called Game Reporting MT.


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