Christians are always complaining about their ‘hurt feelings’. They like to think they are exempt from being ‘hurt’.

The latest complaint about Christian hurt feelings came from Poland’s Interior Minister. This Christian has no sense of humour. He ordered the arrest of a 51-year-old female compatriot after she depicted a rainbow halo in a reproduction of an old, gloomy icon.

Christians are very sensitive about their own delicate feelings but they don’t care when they offend atheists by calling them ‘fools’. They were quick to react when I called them – and the Bronze Age “psalmist” that they like to quote – “foolish believers” for believing in a supernatural being for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

Christians are constantly moaning about being persecuted. After inflicting terrible suffering on Jews, “heretics”, “witches” and on fellow Christians over the centuries through their “holy” inquisition, crusades, pogroms and wars, they are learning what it means to be persecuted.

We do not have to wait for an imaginary ‘Last Judgement’ to see justice served. We are witnessing ‘karma’ in action.