A former hotel manager accused of stuffing an empty chocolate wrapper up his wife's genitals after rebuffing her attempts to seduce him has been denied bail. 

The 55-year-old Siġġiewi man, whose identity cannot be revealed under court order, allegedly flew into a rage after his alcoholic wife had tried to seduce him while drunk.

Prosecutors say he ripped off his wife's underwear and tried to stuff the empty wrapper up her private parts, causing her "grievous and permanent" lacerations. 

The scene all unfolded in front of the couple's adult son, Inspector John Spiteri from the Vice Squad told the court. 

Defence lawyer Michael Tanti-Dougall claimed that his client's wife had brought home three bottles of vodka to drink over the weekend. 

She had then tried to seduce her husband, after eating a chocolate bar to try and mask the smell of alcohol on her breath. 

The man had allegedly reacted bThe y grabbing the wrapper, telling the woman to kick her habit and that it was useless trying to cover her drinking by eating chocolate, the defence lawyer explained.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested and arraigned on Monday afternoon after his injured wife filed a police report. He pleaded not guilty to charges of grievous injuries upon his wife, violent indecent assault, causing his victim to fear violence whilst having also insulted and threatened her.

Defence lawyer Dr Tanti-Dougall told the court that although his client was pleading not guilty, he was willing to move out of the family home and go live with his mother in a different town.

However the court, presided over by magistrate Doreen Clarke, in view of the nature of the offences charged and the possibility of tampering with evidence, turned down the request for bail.

Inspector Kylie Borg also prosecuted.