Alfred Sant blocked a European Parliament proposal to discuss the Egrant allegations against the Prime Minister and his wife two weeks before the 2017 general elections, the former prime minister has claimed.

Moves were made to put the issue of the secret Panama company on the agenda of the European Parliament on the eve of the general election in Malta, which could have badly affected Labour’s political campaign, he said.

"I took certain initiatives to ensure that discussion in the plenary would be postponed till after the general elections. And that is what actually happened,” Dr Sant told the programme XTRA on TVM.

He said the discussion would have strengthened the resolve of certain individuals in Malta who were "orchestrating" the campaign. 

“Much of my political work in Malta and at the European Parliament was meant to provide services underground. This was deliberate. With regards to Malta and the Labour Party, my best input occurred two years ago when Egrant allegations were prevalent during Malta’s election campaign and the Egrant issue was very much alive and hot."

I recognised immediately he wasn’t involved

Dr Sant, who is again contesting the MEP elections on the PL ticket, said he has full confidence in the Prime Minister’s integrity.

“I didn’t feel the need to contact the Prime Minister on the Egrant allegations. I recognised immediately he wasn’t involved... because I have full confidence in him, I have full confidence in his integrity. He may have committed mistakes. But I have never had any doubts about his integrity.”

A magisterial inquiry last year found no evidence linking the Prime Minister and his wife Michelle to Egrant. Sceptics continue asking questions about the real owner of the secret company while Opposition leader Adrian Delia is involved in a court battle to get access to the full inquiry.