The 30 finalists in L-isfida, Net TVs programme, have started working hard following their selection last week.

Over the coming weeks they will be trained in singing, dancing and acting, accumulating votes from viewers along the way, before a winner is eventually chosen.

During the programme, hosted by Claudette Pace, the finalists announced were: (actors) Larissa Bonaci, Christopher J. Agius, Mariana Briffa, Andrew Pace, Maria Buckle, Bernardette Riolo, Ronald Briffa, Jean Marc Agius, Daniel A. Debono and Frank Zammit; (singers) Joanna Sciriha, Mark Cassar, Nadia Vella, Rachel Fabri, Isadora Debono, Carolanne Busuttil, Graziella Debattista, Audrey Anne Anastasi, Rachel Mizzi and Dorothy Bezzina; (dancers) Ritianne Sacco, Jeanelle Cassar, Simon Law, Alison Camilleri, Sharona Refalo, Daphne Caruana, Joseph Fenech, Andrea Martin, Karl Tabone and Neville Galea.

In the same programme, the participants who qualified as sfidanti and who will challenge the finalists were announced.

The actors are: Sebastian Tanti Burlo, Joanna Busuttil, Jessica Dounis, Ryan Micallef, Steffan Cheriet Busuttil and Alison Buhagiar; singers are Johanna Gauci Loporto, Jacqueline Spiteri, Daniel Cauchi, Claire Falzon, Louise-Ann Tate and Elaine Camilleri; dancers are Lisa Marie Xuereb, Karla Bonello, Christina Camilleri, Michael Stellini, Lisa Rizzo and Christina Vassallo.

The programme's panel also announced that others had potential and were being given the opportunity to continue. These were (actors) Alexia Vassallo, Rachael Darmanin Demajo and (singers) Charlene Vella.

In the dancers section, it was announced that three participants would continue with their studies. Their fate will be decided in a few weeks' time, depending on the progress they have made. These are Keith Cassar Jackson, Justin Parnis and Elton Debono.

The progress of the participants will be shown during brief slots on Net TV daily at 3.50 and 7.30 p.m.

L-Isfida is broadcast live on Net TV on Thursdays at 9 p.m. with a repeat on Saturdays at 5.30 p.m.


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