PN leader Adrian Delia reiterated on Wednesday that he had never received any illicit money or money derived from money laundering in his profession as a lawyer.

Speaking on Iswed fuq l-Abjad, Dr Delia said he had had a client several years ago who had bought property abroad with money from a local bank.

This property was rented to someone who conducted an illicit activity which the British police investigated.

They did not, however, investigate the owner or his lawyer (himself). He said that if any proof was ever found that he had ever carried out any such illicit activity he would resign immediately.

As for his relationship with Minister Chris Cardona, he said he knew Dr Cardona as a lawyer and had never had another other relationship with him besides that. That they no business together and did not share any property ownership.

Last year, Dr Delia denied allegations by late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia that he was involved in the laundering of funds from the prostitution racket through a client account in his name.


Dr Delia also spoke on social housing saying that the waiting list was of over 2,500 people but the government would only be assisting some 500 people denying at least 2,000 others from leading a dignified life.

The government was also not providing solutions for the high cost of rentals. The Nationalist Party would take responsibility and plan for the country and it was currently discussing with experts to come up with concrete proposals.


On IVF, he said that what the Prime Minister said about him, that he was against life, was a total lie.

The IVF law was enacted by a Nationalist government following a debate with everyone in society for consensus to be reached. If the law could be improved it should and the Nationalist Party was prepared to do its utmost to help those in need. It had also promised to provide the medicines needed for the purpose free of charge.

But there was one clear line it had to follow - that human life should not be destroyed.

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