Ian Borg has refused to declare if he intends running for the Labour Party leadership once Joseph Muscat steps down, insisting he wants him to extend his stay as prime minister. 

Asked if he was interested in the role, Dr Borg replied: "It was not just lip service that I was given important responsibilities in Joseph Muscat's Cabinet. And it is not just lip service that I want him to continue serving."

"I have enough responsibilities to focus on at the moment. When he decides to step down, we'll meet again," he replied cryptically. 

Dr Borg is being cited as a potential successor to Dr Muscat, so far along Chris Fearne, Miriam Dalli and Robert Abela.

Focusing mainly on the transport problem during this Times Talk, Dr Borg says the solution comes in revamping road infrastructure and encouraging alternative forms of transportation, not taxing car use. 

He defends the decision to appoint Labour Party militant Ronnie Pellegrini as a consultant to Transport Malta, saying he believes he will do a good job. 


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