To my admittedly unscientific mind, as soon as mention was made of Pilatus Bank, the powers that be had three scenarios open to them. Please feel free to comment if other options present themselves to you.

Scenario 1

There were never any documents and the whole story is a fabrication. Making sure the Police seal Pilatus Bank, to show "we the people" that the story is fake, would therefore have made perfect sense.

This was not, however, done.

Scenario 2

The story is true but there are no documents still at Pilatus Bank. Again, it would make perfect sense, from a certain point of view, to make sure the Police seal the premises, because nothing was going to be found and "we the people" would have been told as much.

This was not, however, done.

Scenario 3

The story is true and documents are (were?) still at Pilatus Bank. This time, it would make perfect sense, from that same point of view, for the Police not to be sent, because of the risk that "we the people" might learn something interesting.

The Police were, in fact, not sent to seal the premises.

Perhaps the Commissioner of Police, or the FIAU, or the Central Bank or the MFSA could favour us with the fruits of their individual or collective wisdom and diligence.

Or perhaps the Minister for Justice would be so kind, once he figures out what the FIAU does or even stands for.

If not Smug Owen, maybe the guy in charge of Home Affairs would oblige, now that he's not handing out direct orders.

I won't be holding my breath waiting for these pearls to be cast before us poor swine.



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