The Azure Window may be gone forever but one man has wasted no time in making a personal – and permanent – tribute to the iconic landmark.

Less than 12 hours after news broke that the arch had collapsed into the sea, tattooist Martin Gafà sat down as his business partner, Rebecca Bonaci, inked a fresh design into his skin: showcasing the window in all its former glory, the Mediterranean Sea and the setting sun behind.

“It doesn't take me long to decide to get a new tattoo,” Mr Gafà said, “therefore, when I saw the first post about the window early in the morning, my mind immediately went to a tattoo. It's a nice way to remember it and something that will last forever.”

While Mr Gafà already has several tattoos, this was his first celebrating his homeland.

The idea of commemorating the Azure Window this way has clearly inspired others: yesterday, just a day after the collapse, he had done the first similar tattoo for a client and several others have already shown interest in getting their own.

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