Malta recently hosted a meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank ‘constituency’ it belongs to. IMF and World Bank member states are organised into constituencies, namely groups of countries sharing one or more common characteristics, including geographical proximity.

Each constituency elects executive directors to represent it in the executive boards of the IMF and World Bank. The current executive directors are Domenico Fanizza and Patrizio Pagano, respectively.

Malta’s constituency also includes Albania, Greece, Italy, Portugal and San Marino. The World Bank constituency also includes Timor Leste.

The constituency meeting in Valletta is the third one outside of the traditional context of the IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington DC, following the 2017 and 2018 meetings in Rome and Lisbon, respectively.

The meeting brought together governors and alternate governors of the constituency member countries at the Central Bank of Malta and was hosted by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna and Central Bank Governor Mario Vella.

Participants discussed strategic IMF and World Bank issues as well as the challenges and opportunities of fostering social and gender inclusion.


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