From usefulness to customer retention, the importance of novelty advertising items can provide your company with an increase in brand awareness 

Advertising is the right way to go when it comes to promoting your brand — but advertising novelties and merchandise are a terrific step up when it comes to marketing your brand and presenting customers with a way to remember your business.

Branded advertising novelties, products and gifts generally include promotional messages, logos, trademarks or slogans — with the primary goal being brand advertising and building goodwill with new and potential customers. Branded merchandise is offered for free to customers for promotional purposes. When applied properly, this strategy can make a drastic difference to your business. 

Novelty advertising suppliers and producers all over Malta and Gozo can help you create a selection of branded merchandise that will stand out and provide effective advertising solutions for your business. Apart from that, it also presents companies with numerous advantages.

Brand exposure

One of the main benefits that come to mind when thinking of promotional materials is the ongoing exposure that your brand will gain. Certain items such as stationery sets, pens, tote bags, t-shirts and coffee cups with your company logo on them will assumably be used for quite some time — even years. This ongoing use offers repeat exposure to users' friends, family and acquaintances. Clients may even start associating your brand with the practical merchandise they have received from you. This is a psychological phenomenon known as a positive brand association.

Building a connection

Speciality branded goods such as mousepads, clocks and notebooks make good business gifts while building a rapport with customers. Many organisations provide new customers and partners with free business gifts such as yearly calendars, calculators, diaries and even mugs. These tokens promote and enhance repeat business loyalty as they provide a tangible and memorable moment for your customers.

Speciality advertising solutions such as custom blankets, bookmarks, bottle openers and balls can be used to create a connection to your brand that gives customers a more personalised understanding of your business. 

Strategic marketing

Advertising through novelty and corporate gifts will present you with a cost-effective solution in terms of brand promotion. Printing out coasters, pens, lanyards, calendars, custom pen drives, desk organisers and power banks will be less pricy and time-consuming than most traditional advertising strategies like billboard advertisements or television commercials. Merchandise in general requires a less detailed plan to roll out, and can easily be incorporated into your existing marketing model without much trouble. 

Usefulness and utility

Promotional products that are built to last will be used more regularly by recipients, providing prolonged exposure for your brand in return. Usefulness and usability are one of the most important qualities in a promotional gift. The more a product is used, the more its branding will be looked at and noticed — an effect which will be amplified if the product is repeatedly utilised over long periods of time. Such items include stress balls, cooler bags, hats, beach towels, portable cups and hand fans.

Deep reach

While promotional materials, novelty advertising and promotional freebies make an impression on recipients, they go way beyond that. The product’s initial audience will at times pass on the particular item to someone else if unneeded. This means that your product will have a deeper organic reach. Such items might include playing cards, keychains, gadgets, lighters and magnets.

Customer retention

Customer loyalty goes a long way when you provide stellar services and amazing products. Businesses in Malta and Gozo thrive on meaningful customer relationships — a bond which can be aided through promotional materials such as free product samples, tote bags, umbrellas, t-shirts, ashtrays and phone cases. Gifts and tokens send out a strong message of appreciation to those you do business with.

Create your own branded merchandise and promotional materials with one of Malta and Gozo’s advertising novelties stores.

Written by Chiara Micallef

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