The impression that a trip to Fujian province, organised by the China Cultural Centre in Malta, left on Sunday Times of Malta editor Mark Wood was that of a country keen to reach out to other nations and share the richness of its culture.

Photo: Mark WoodPhoto: Mark Wood

“Now one could easily be cynical – and as a journalist, cynicism comes naturally – and dismiss initiatives like this as merely a part of the Chinese government’s attempt to expand its soft power around the world,” he recalled in this year’s Partnership Programme Trip Travelogue.

“Whether or not this is true, however, can be seen as unimportant. Because the final result is an increase in understanding between two peoples, in this case the Chinese and the Maltese. This, in the end, is what counts.”

According to Mr Wood, culture is only one facet of a country, but through it the programme participants were allowed a taste of the Chinese way of life, the past events that have helped shape its development, the artistic traditions that contribute to its identity, the philosophies and great thinkers that have influenced its direction.

Such insight into another country’s culture can only boost the growth of understanding between peoples, he notes.

Photo: Andrew BorgPhoto: Andrew Borg

Mr Wood, together with the chairman of Mediterranean Conference Centre, Kenneth Spiteri, Pjazza Teatru Rjal director Christopher Muscat and the director of communications at the Malta Tourism Authority, Michael Piscopo, travelled to the Fujian province in May and will be speaking about their trip tomorrow in Valletta.

The annual CCC Partnership Programme trip to China aims at enhancing the discourse of sharing knowledge, resources and expertise, acting as a linking bridge between Maltese representatives of various fields with counterparts in China.

In this manner, it serves as a platform that generates constructive insights, informed and inspired by first-hand experiences, inferences and immersion in China’s vast regional and ethnic diversity, ancient civilisation and contemporary society.

Those interested in tomorrow’s presentation of the travelogue can get in touch with the China Cultural Centre at 173, Melita Street, Valletta, on 2122 5055.  

Photo: Andrew BorgPhoto: Andrew Borg

Photo: Lucienne SpiteriPhoto: Lucienne Spiteri

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