This government has many virtues. It exudes confidence, it sprinkles its brilliance on all of us. Nothing is too big, nothing is too worrying. Even the IS threat is dealt with by our Prime Charmer with amazing nonchalance.

Malta, Joseph Muscat has informed us, is not under threat from IS or ISIS or whatever the fundamentalist nuts are called now.

I love the way Muscat has put our minds at rest. How he does it I have no clue, where he gets his information I know not. Like the PN switcher Castaldi Paris, I and the whole of the country are in awe of our Prime Minister. We treat him like a father, a father of old who knew it all: even said he knew it all if he didn't and we, his children, all stare in mystified but adoring adulation.

In fact the more time passes the more this father-figure comes out and nears biblical proportions. He is our Moses leading us out of the shackles of the old PN. He is our Noah taking us—blindly—on his ark. We are herded just like the animals, two by two back then but in our thousands now. His ark is strong and will withstand all the seas, all the rains that could pelt down on us.

Or maybe he has something else up his sleeve? You never know with this man—this superman—because he charms even the most fearsome rats into mousy miseries.  

Maybe Muscat, through his wile and guile, is privy to the IS leadership who have told him we are so special, so pivotal to global designs, that they will attack everywhere else but keep us intact?

The way he has a special link to the Azerbaijanis and the Chinese who are paving our way to future freedom and riches, maybe he also has a direct link to the jihadists.

In Joseph we fully trust, his wisdom is already proverbial and soon biblical. 


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