The restoration of the Holy Relics chapel at the Gozo Cathedral is almost ready.

This is the first time in living memory that the chapel has undergone an entire renovation. The chapel will be inaugurated during a musical-historic evening on Friday.

The bust of Saint Ursula, including her arm-bone, that for many years stood upon the table of the altar, has now been moved in a niche upon the altar dedicated to Saint Ursula in another chapel of the cathedral. The bust was donated to the cathedral by the Governor of Gozo, Eugenio-Romirez Maldonado, in 1614.

A large crucifix sculpted in wood was removed from the chapel will be moved in its former place.

The crucifix used to hang from the main beam of the medieval church, above the main altar.

A three-branched silver sanctuary lamp was suspended in front of the crucifix.

The faithful frequenting the church had great devotion towards this crucifix. They made regular contributions so that the lamp would be kept burning day and night, while the side lights on Saturdays and during special functions.

The chapel’s dome, four pendentives and the lunette were painted by Pawlu Camilleri-Cauchi, while Ruben Farrugia worked on the gilding of the frames.

Adonai Camilleri-Cauchi decorated the feretory, the receptacle holding the relics of saints.

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