Transport Malta is to blame for exposing commuters to poisonous fumes while waiting for a bus to, possibly, take them to their destination. Bus stops in Eucharistic Congress Road, Mosta, particularly ‘Gatt’, come to mind. Traffic jams may not be the order of the day but vehicles are completely stuck when they approach the Qalbiena Mostin monument.

This health hazard to the public can easily be done away with if Transport Malta is willing to listen to suggestions made by the public. It has been proposed that the short stretch at the left-hand side of the monument be divided with red bollards (of which we are seeing a lot lately), thus creating two separate lanes. Hence, traffic coming from Eucharistic Congress Road can continue on its way smoothly without having to give way to vehicles leaving Mosta through Independence Avenue. If Transport Malta feels the two lanes are not wide enough, the extra wide pavement on the left can easily be narrowed.

The same can happen if bollards are placed closer to the roundabout, this time for traffic coming to Mosta. Here, vehicles of all types use the outer lane to bypass traffic exiting from the Pama/Attard area and the route buses while approaching the Qalbiena roundabout. Upon reaching this spot, unruly drivers simply aim for an opening between cars in the inner lane (or create one with their brazen style of driving) and proceed to Independence Avenue.

Installing bollards as indicated will surely allow a much-needed flow of traffic and less congestion. This suggestion has already been made in the media but seemingly has fallen on deaf ears.

Transport Malta does not care for commuters waiting on bus stops who are compelled to inhale fumes to the detriment of their health. Transport Malta cannot be bothered.


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