A series of events titled ĊineXjenza aim to spark debates around science topics.

These consist of the screening of a film which brings up a scientific aspect, followed by an interactive talk and discussion moderated by an expert on the field in question. The discussion explores the different facets of science, asking whether such ideas are possible in real life and if such technology could be available in the near future.

Today’s film, Contagion, tells the story of a virus infection that initially seems like a cold, but turns out to be much more dangerous.  With the disease spreading rapidly, a race against time is set in motion to understand how the virus works and gets transmitted.

While social order slowly breaks down and mass panic sets in, viewers are able to follow the quest of scientists to develop a vaccine and contain the impact of the virus.

ĊineXjenza is supported by the STEAM Summer School project funded by Erasmus+ of the EU and run by the Malta Chamber of Scientists, in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv.

The film screening is taking place today at 7pm at St James Cavalier, Valletta. Entrance is free and booking is not required. For more  information, visit www.kreattivita.org/.


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