Many stopped in front of the law courts in Valletta this morning to take pictures of a life-sized three dimensional chalk painting of a naked woman on the ground.

The woman was being drawn from behind by art teacher Lewis Zammit in a YMCA Homeless fund-raising initiative aimed to kick-start an annual street art festival to display talent and breathe life into Valletta.

Mr Zammit said that although the woman was being drawn from behind, so nothing showed, when people positioned themselves in front of her to take a photo, the 3D effect made it seem like they were seeing her from the front.

Matthew Mifsud was also taking part in the initiative, drawing a giant 3D butterfly. When people sat in front of the butterfly and put out their hand, it looked as if it was about to land on them.

Italian street artist Tony Cuboliquido came to Malta specifically for the event to carry out a workshop and introduce street art into Malta. While in Valletta, he worked on creating the drawing of an inverted tower that looked like a dark, deep spiral well going underground.

“Street art creates a theatre of art as we are like actors who imitate artists. Once people leave, so can the drawing,” he said.

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