Our support of the Malta Robotics Olympiad is further proof that we are investing in Malta’s future, GO Chief Commercial Officer Kurt Camilleri says.

Mobile technology on its own has connected almost five billion people around the world.  The sheer access to knowledge on mobile devices has superseded all expectations. Yet this is just the start. We are at the beginning of a technological revolution that will alter the way we communicate with each other and the environments we work in. 

Over the next few years, the Internet of Things, quantum computing, and robotics will all reach maturity. Self driving cars will also become commercially available. A single underlying factor is essential: adequate connectivity. As seamless and ubiquitous as it may sound, connectivity and its evolution is the key driver of this technological and social revolution.

All of us at GO are extremely proud to be championing the next technological leap in connectivity: the roll-out of internet fibre technology.  “This is our investment in Malta’s future,” GO Chief Commercial Officer Kurt Camilleri says. 

“Evolution is not the right way to describe it. We prefer to call this a game changer. Fibre technology will lead to additions in smarter buildings, in usable big data and in artificial intelligence. The transformative impact will be unprecedented.”

“We are committed to drive innovation by providing connectivity that is future-proof,” he adds.

GO’s investment in the future is also reflected in the recent launch of the GO for the Future Fund.

We want to enable innovation and provide services that are future-proof

“There are various elements to this fund,” Camilleri says. “Our initial investment of €80,000 is intended to encourage children to read and stoke their interest in science. We are investing €11,000 a year in Aqra Kemm Tiflaħ so that every classroom in every state primary school in Malta has its own fully stocked library.

Literacy, after all, is the foundation of a quality education and a prerequisite for anyone wishing to pursue any other specialised topic. As a technology company, GO is keen to support the renaissance in enthusiasm among young people for STEM subjects, namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as technology continues to revolutionise the way we all live and work. 

Our association with the Malta Robotics Olympiad, being organised by the Ministry of Education and Employment at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali on March 24 and 25, is part of this drive.”

Camilleri adds, “The world is changing and new skills are needed. The country and particularly young people thinking about their future and careers really need to focus on STEM subjects. Robotics is one area that excites youngsters and gives them the opportunity to trigger their imagination through the use of technology.”

“Last year we supported the MRO and were impressed with the high level of organisation and turn out. Moreover, the event enabled us to engage with students and appreciate their enthusiasm about the future. The students inspired us and we decided to renew our support for the event.

“We are very excited about the growth of this year’s event. The change of venue to a much larger one at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali clearly indicates the aspirations of the event as well as the sheer variety of activities taking place under one roof.

“One of the most exciting events is the Big Challenge - for which we are also the main sponsors - in which a number of locally built and fully autonomous robots will tackle a challenging obstacle course. A movie scale model of Wall-E robot will also be present and students can also engage in various hands-on activities.

“I’m eager to see the Big Challenge and the drone race. Having a technical background, I am personally passionate about competitive events involving technology,” Camilleri adds.

The GO stand at the MRO will be a happening in itself, with 360-degree projections and virtual reality Oculus Rift sets.

“We will also be engaging with visitors and explaining, with the help of a giant cross-section of a fibre cable, what this technology enables us to do. We are looking forward to our participation at the MRO because this is what gets us all excited - the future.”


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