I very much agree with the way Laurence Grech concludes his letter ‘Sheer egoism’ (May 14): “This is just one example of the sheer egoisim which, sadly, abounds in this country.”

The same happened to me about four months ago. I applied for a temporary permit at the Mosta local council as I had a piece of furniture to be delivered and a lifter was needed. I settled the €10 fee and was given a No Parking sign, which I had to affix to the wall 24 hours before. I asked the receptionist what I should do if somebody failed to observe the No Parking sign and he told me to take note of the number plate of the obstructing car and call the police, which eventually I did. The policeman on duty was kind enough to call me back saying the owner of the vehicle was not answering the phone but that he would keep on trying. He also told me that since my application for a No Parking sign was not advertised in The Malta Government Gazette, the police could not tow the car away. I could not believe what I was hearing because I see no point in running such a notice in The Malta Government Gazette for something that lasted just an hour.

I also realised that not answering the phone was a convenient way for not removing the car. 

I did not know really what to do as the owner of the lifter made it very clear he would still expect payment even if there was no place where to park.

Many attempts by the police to trace the owner of the obstructing vehicle were unsuccessful. Luckily, neighbours gladly accepted to move their cars so the job could be done.


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