Sports betting means investing money into guessing which team or athlete will win in the next sports event. There are various ways to do this with the amount of risks the player wants. In Finland sports betting is fairly popular especially in certain types of sports. In this article we will look into the different sports on which Finnish people bet on. 

Ice hockey

Ice Hockey is probably one of the most popular sports to bet on in Finland which is quite obvious; Finland has won the world champions in ice hockey many times. Finnish ice hockey teams are very competitive and while there are some teams which are the best in the country, it’s hard to predict which one of these teams will win. 

This is probably why this form of sports is especially exciting to bet on; you never really know who’ll win. When added to the different types of bets and risks you’re taking while betting and maybe even going to see the game live, the excitement is real. People who bet on the ice hockey teams in Finland are often very knowledgeable and passionate about ice hockey which makes them more likely to win their bet. 


Another team sports on which Finnish people bet on, is football which is the most loved sport of all time in the whole world. Recently the Finnish football team made its way to the World Championships which is quite rare and this has definitely raised the popularity of sports betting in football as well. Like in Finnish ice hockey, also in football the teams are very competitive which creates excitement in the sports betting. 

Equestrian sports

Sports betting in sports related to horse riding is quite common in most countries and horse riding is also pretty popular among people in Finland. It’s also a little different form of betting because you have to pick one horse athlete out of many instead of choosing from two teams for instance. In this sense, sports betting in equestrian sports can be exciting because there are more risks and the winning price is often higher because of this as well. Sports betting is especially popular during the time of the big equestrian competitions in Finland.


While golf isn’t the first sports which comes into mind when it comes to sports betting in Finland, it’s actually a fairly popular form of sports in Finland. There are many variables including the weather and the environment in golf which creates more risks and tension in sports betting. 


Boxing hasn’t only taken over the sports betting world in the US but also Finnish people are interested in it. There are a lot of professional boxers in Finland who have gained popularity and also made sports betting in this sport more common than before. 

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