Kevin Hodkin (‘Red blinkers’, December 22) said the Labour government is not “the envy of all EU member states” as I wrote because, according to the unblinkered but totally blind correspondent, our government is “implicated in misdoings”, which is a totally different to the “corruption” tune we have been inundated with for the last five years or so.

Unfortunately for Hodkin, the latest EU survey has confirmed that the Labour government enjoys the best trust rating throughout the EU. The Times of Malta reported on its front page on December 22 that the same survey shows that 95 per cent of the Maltese and Gozitan people are happy about the way that Malta’s economy is doing.

As everybody knows, the standard of living of any people is directly connected to how the economy of the country progresses. As Ronald Reagan had said: “It’s the economy stupid.” Everything else depends on it.


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