A few days ago, journalist blogger Manuel Delia listed his most read blog posts.

Some were quite obviously top of the pops material. Then you go higher and you get to number one, which has attracted most interest and hits.

And it hits you in the stomach—the piece is about John Suda and his presence at the Malta Fashion Awards.

What? What the hell is this country all about?

Read: John Suda showing at awards criticised

I agree that the fact that John Suda was presenting an award - or whatever he did- is reprehensible. It was an amazing own-goal in this land and in this time when we should know better, rather than harbouring antediluvian attitudes.

Yet I’m sure anyone who has been abused or harassed will forgive me if I say: who cares about John Suda or his presence at the awards?

Compared to all the other news and comments that the prolific Delia came up with- mainly about our state of degeneracy and democracy - this was just a piece of gossip. The piece about Suda would be an important piece of news if we were living in a normal country.

But this is not a normal country. Our interest in John Suda proves it beyond doubt.