I love this government. Or rather I love our Premier. The more time passes the more he loses face, loses the veneer of the grandiose liberator he was poised to be, and carries on cavalierly as if nothing, and nobody, can stop him.

Grand mistakes are pooh-poohed away as mistakes of inexperience, youth or some other unlikely reason he fishes out of his excuse-bin on the apposite day.

But like legions of others, I adore his every word, his every step.

Who else could give us, scribblers, so much to write about? Gonzi and his nemesis Franco Debono (does anyone still recall their feuding?) seem like part of an insipid fairy tale compared to what now goes on day in day out on this dotty island. This gives silly commentators way too much fodder. How can one keep up?

Let’s try seeing what happened these last few days: the Premier saga is obviously the mother of all mothers of scandals. To tone down the effect of this hilariously tragic affair, Muscat, or his orchestrators, told us that Mario Camilleri, the former co-tenant of the Premier, had donated money to the PN. So? What did that prove? I trust that the inference here is not that the PL, once in Government, felt duty-bound to render Camilleri a favour because he was a sponsor of the PN.

Then, in another aside, our glorious Prime Minister snidely remarked that there was worse under the PN with the Fekruna land deal. Big deal! Who the hell cares what happened under those perfidious Nationalists? That, I seem to recall, is why they were booted out to ignominy and opposition for an eternity and a half. 

That’s just one tiny twitch of a scandal a-brewing. But obviously no heads, not even nails, are rolling. All goes on normally, all is fine in the state of Malta, the premier place for good governance and transparency.


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