Yes you did read the title properly. He is a super one in fact. I had other heroes in my life but they all seem to have come a sad cropper.

Dom Mintoff went wonky and voted against his own Socialist party so I crossed him out of my heroic league of supermen.

Then there was Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici (KMB). People under 40 hardly remember the man but while he allowed his followers to pillage and stuff he had truly become wonder man. Never really understood why he didn’t remain active in the political arena.

Alfred Sant—glorious, glorious Alfred Sant—followed. He gave me hope, life and a feeling for all that is good. Made silly Switzerland sound good too. Had ideas even more holey than their funny cheese but he was swanky and got all socialists to behave, called themselves fab Labour and even wore suits. Which now newest Labour still do so he was quite a trend-setter. But even he climbed down my hero-worship altar. Sant—would you believe it?—went off and joined the EU with all its blazing blabbing.

Now I have Joseph Muscat, a man of our times, a man who knows it all. Some tell me that, like Alfred Sant and the super-duped PN men, Muscat is a stooge of the EU. Don’t you dare say such things about our Joseph.

He is not a stooge—he will make of the EU his own stew (or was it coffee?). He brews it, he stirs it he does it in his style. That is how good he is.

He is my hero for the third millennium. And to anyone who dares ask him to resign just because some silly power station is not up and running I say—off you go to have your fill of coffee, or worse. Leave my hero alone. He knows what he is doing, he will lead us not just to cheaper tariffs and cleaner air but to a life in Malta which resembles heaven on earth more closely with each passing day.

My wife doesn’t approve of the big picture of Muscat hanging over our bed. She says her picture of some unknown, ugly, saint is better because it does not have my hero Joseph’s smug face on it. Joseph is not smug at all—he has a saintly look on him, a beatific smile.

Joseph the Great. Joseph the Meek. Joseph the hero of our times.


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