Judge Albert Manche, who died on Friday, was a man of integrity who fought for right against evil, according to his close friend, judge Giovanni Bonello. 

“We’ve been close friends since we joined the law course some 70 years ago. He was more like a brother to me than a friend. He was a man of integrity and I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about him. He was a pleasure to be around and time stands still when in his company,” Bonello said when contacted. 

Judge Manche passed away aged 87.

He started his legal career at the Attorney General’s office but left after a few years to work in private practice where he specialised in civil and commercial law. He then became judge and after he retired was appointed to head the Permanent Commission against Injustices.

He had also been appointed to head a number of independent inquiries, including that which probed the events leading up to the death of Nicholas Azzopardi. 

Azzopardi had died some 13 days after having been badly injured while in police custody in April 2008.

Judge Bonello said that for many years, the two met every Sunday evening for a bite and then spent hours listening to classical music. 

Manche is survived by his three children. 

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