Just over half of workers in Malta have expressed satisfaction with their jobs, official European Union statistics office data shows.

According to recently published Eurostat data for 2015, 51 per cent of Malta’s workers expressed satisfaction with their jobs; 41 per cent would not give an ans-wer or claimed to not know how to rank their situation.

The data, which analysed job satisfaction in EU Member States’ main cities, shows that 30 per cent of the respondents said that they were “very satisfied” with the work they had done in the year under review.

According to the data, the highest proportion (85 per cent) of city-dwellers who claimed they were satisfied with their personal job situation was recorded in Graz (the second-largest city in Austria), while relatively high degrees of satisfaction were also reported in the Austrian capital of Wien (79 per cent), the Danish capital of København (78 per cent), the western French city of Rennes (also 78 per cent) and the Belgian capital, Brussels (77 per cent).

30 per cent said that they were very satisfied with the work they did

Meanwhile, the lowest level, 44 per cent, was recorded in the heavily industrial city of Miskolc, northeast Hungary, while the Greek capital, Athens (45 per cent), and the Hungarian capital, Budapest (49 per cent), along with Piatra Neamt (eastern Romania), also 49 per cent, were the only other cities where less than half declared they were satisfied with their jobs.

Official data published last month by the National Statistics Office shows that according to the latest figures supplied to the office by Jobsplus, which cover the period to August of last year, there were 196,480 people working on a full-time basis.

A further 37,571 people were registered as having part-time jobs.