I never object to anything or anyone Chinese. The more they come and invest here the better. After all they will soon take over the world so might as well have them here before other countries and get used to their ways.

They seem very energetic, these people from the Far East.

There was a sad coincidence however and this concerns the comments made by the most Honourable Carmelo Abela. He pronounced some words—frightening ones actually—concerning the revelation of the atrocious treatment of Chinese workers at the oh so aptly named Leisure Clothing. Wasn't too leisurely for the employees there was it?

Said Honourable member actually stated that we—or rather the media—should keep silent when these incidents happen, or words to such deleterious effect, because investigations are under way.

Now the coincidence is that in China all is fine and dandy—economy is booming, people wear great clothes and have a life full of goodies but hey there is one chink in their armour: they lack freedom of the press and some other basic liberties too.

So maybe the coincidence was not such a coincidence after all. The saddest part of the whole story, besides the poor suffering of the Chinese labourers/slaves, is that in Malta we are trying hard to emulate the Chinese in keeping silent about bad deeds. Especially if these concern a company or functionary and the revelations could hamper the progression of the China takeover of all our assets and all we hold dear.

Talk of mind control and such-like makes me wonder about something else rather aptly—or sadly—named. The predominant Chinese state TV is called CCTV.

Is that to remind all of us that if the Chinese have it their way we will all be observed and controlled just as a closed circuit tv (CCTV) usually does?


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