Nasa, or at least a scientist from Nasa, has announced that Mars has water on it. To me this doesn’t mean much, but to scientists this seems to prove that there could be life out there in the beyond.

It also means that it is possible we humans could now invade the red planet to colonise it.

If we keep making strides in means of travel and if we continue destroying our planet we might have no choice but to move there in droves to save, or at least transfer, humanity.

Imagine us all - or many of us - embarking on some huge Noah’s Ark spaceship to escape the ravages of our earth and start afresh on Mars.

However we could be facing a real problem.

Martians, even if Nasa won’t say this, are all green. Now imagine they don’t like the colour of our skin or our strident beliefs in our own gods. Would we be allowed in?

What if they are appalled by our clothes - just as the burqa could cover up faces and we are scared stiff of that, couldn’t Martians not trust our trousers or skirts? What if they think people hide more than their privates down there?

Running away from a horrid earth - polluted, over-populated, weather-beaten - and attempting to save our skin on another planet could prove next to impossible if we are treated in the same way some “foreigners” are treated by fellow humans on this earth of ours. We could be fleeing earth but rejected by the only place where we could find refuge.

Nasa had better give out a few cans of green spray to help save us all.


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