Former Bayern Munich striker Juergen Klinsmann says his two decades living in the US have convinced him that playoffs could play a central role in determining the Bundesliga winners.

Klinsmann said on Thursday he felt a playoff system would be an exciting way to challenge the monotony of seeing Bayern lift the Bundesliga trophy every year.

“I totally understand the discussion of it, because you want somebody else here and there to win the Bundesliga title, besides Bayern Munich.

“I find it fascinating. I find it a real thriller to go into a playoff format at the end of a season.”

All major US sports, including Major League Soccer, use some form of playoff system to determine their champions.

Klinsmann, who has lived in the US since 1998, pointed out that playoffs were already used in European leagues, including to determine relegation and promotion in the Bundesliga and promotion in the English Football League.

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