Konrad Mizzi has vowed to remain in parliament and continue voting along government lines, days after the Labour Party expelled him as one of its MPs. 

In a letter to parliamentary speaker Anġlu Farrugia, Mizzi said that his loyalty remained with the PL.

“I will continue to back the Labour Party’s efforts with my vote in parliament,” he wrote in the letter dated Saturday, June 27. 

“I intend to continue contributing to our country’s economic development and contribute to politics, where I will continue to serve as a voice for my constituents,”  he added in the brief letter.

Mizzi shared a copy of the letter on his Facebook page.

Mizzi was voted out of Labour’s parliamentary group on Tuesday evening, with prime minister Robert Abela saying that Mizzi’s position was untenable following revelations that murder suspect Yorgen Fenech made millions from an Enemalta deal while Mizzi was energy minister.

Leaked emails have indicated that Mizzi’s offshore company was expecting to receive funds from 17 Black. Mizzi has denied any connection to the company and said he had no personal interest in the Enemalta deal. 

The vote to oust Mizzi from the Labour Party group was almost unanimous, with 71 voting to expel him, one person voting for him to remain and one person abstaining. 

Sources within the party said MPs had tired of Mizzi and their association to him, saying he was "a problem that keeps coming back". 

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