A black-belt kung-fu fighter was jailed for four years today after a court found him guilty of of having injured two elderly men in an episode of uncontrolled road rage.

Briton Tristan Scott Haynes, 41, was convicted by Magistrate Jacqueline Padovani for having seriously injured David Shepherd and Reuben Briffa following a traffic accident in May 2003 on the Bahar Ic-Caghaq Coast Road.

The court said that the accused had not only failed to demonstrate any physical restraint, but as a black-belt practitioner, he engaged two elderly men, one significantly smaller than him in stature, in an uncontrolled display of his art in fighting.

Furthermore, he had then tried to hide his knowledge of martial arts from the court.

During the compilation of evidence, the court had been told that Mr Haynes used kung fu moves to strike Mr Shephard to the ground when Mr Shepherd tried to stop a fight between him and Joseph Attard.

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