Labour Party supporters are celebrating a big victory in the European Party elections.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the PL won a bigger majority over the Nationalists than it predicted.

Unofficial indications pointed to a majority of over 34,000 over the PN, or just over 53 per cent. The PN won 40%, AD 3.5% and others 3.5%.

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil called Dr Muscat to congratulate him.

Speaking shortly after the first indications were out, Dr Muscat said: "It is a humbling result, I am very grateful to the vote of confidence and encouragement, we have won by a big majority. Thank you to all." 

It was clear, he said, that the people were rejecting negativity. The result was a sign for the government to continue to work at "200 per cent".

The result, he said, meant that the Malta Labour Party had become the first ruling party in the EU to have won a vote majority in EP elections.

The government, he said, would remain with its feet on the ground and he charged at the PN for failing to make progress.

The result, at 12.45, was greeted with huge applause and chants of "Joseph, Joseph" in the counting hall where counting started at noon.

Throughout the afternoon, there were carcades and celebrations all over Malta.

Dr Muscat addressed supporters from the party headquarters balcony, telling them the party and the government would remain close to the people, and "the best is still to come".


PN general secretary Chris Said said the Labour victory was on the same lines of five years ago.

In the general election last year, the PL won 54.8% and the PN won 43.3% of the vote.

Turnout yesterday was just under 75 per cent, four percentage points below the turnout in the 2009 European elections and some 17 per cent below that of the general election.

In the 2009 European Parliament elections the Labour Party won 135,917 votes, or 54.77%. The Nationalist Party won 100,486 votes or 40.49%. AD got. 5,802 of 2.34%.




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