The Ice-Watch Concept Store has just relocated and received an upgrade.

What drives the Classic Group every morning is its collective love for jewellery, watches, beauty and fashion. And if one shares their love, then one must read on.

Ice-Watch has been collaborating with the group for a long time and by now have become best buddies, so when it was decided to change the look of the store and the way the watches are displayed, Ice-Watch entrusted this project entirely to Classic Group.

The creative team have designed the new Ice-Watch Concept Store from scratch. The layout, the furniture the front windows, everything. And they loved it.

The aim was to go from black to bright white. The design of the shop depicts the concept of time in all its details and colour. There are watches displayed outside the signature Ice-Watch packaging where they can be viewed up close, touched and tried on.

The front window displays the new Petal concept Ice-Watch has just introduced, which allows the watch to be completely exposed. And just like that, the shop looks truly unique, the group’s pride and joy.

And with the new store comes the new summer collection.

The latest collection, called Ice & City Sunset, is as beautiful as the sunset over the Mediterranean horizon. The Sunset colour range is ablaze, glowing and irradiant, adorning each hour with bold sunset shades. Fresh, cool, intense, muy caleinte, stormy... one can take their pick, it’s their turn to be bold.

This summer reflects the flashy exoticism of the 1980s and the Ice-Watch brand embraces this trend with its star ICE and City watches. With their elegance and high dose of colours, the two summer collections offer the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, from morning to evening; in the city and on holiday; on a date in a cocktail bar or at a beach party.

Visit the newly done up store in Bisazza Street, Sliema, opposite the three-actors statue.

(Content provided by Classic Group)


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