A group of 20 educators recently attended a two-day training course in Globe science measurement protocols and education activities.

Participants taking measurements on land cover.Participants taking measurements on land cover.

Globe, an international science and education programme, gives students an opportunity to become active scientists by collecting environmental data and using it to answer questions they pose about their surroundings.

During the Globe teacher workshop, participants conducted practical sessions on mosquito habitats, land cover, phenology, how to collect data in the field, how to upload data to the Globe database, and how to visualise data using Globe’s Visualisation Site.

The training workshop, led by Globe trainer Claudia Cecilia Caro Vera, is part of a larger project. To enter Globe data on the website or through the Globe Observer data entry app, users must complete the necessary training either by attending a Globe workshop or by completing the required online e-training modules and assessment tests. Once training is complete, teachers will be ready to start entering their measurements and will be joining a community of students, teachers, scientists and citizens working collaboratively in data collection to better understand, sustain, and improve the earth system and global environment.

The organisation of the training workshop was made possible through the support of the Globe regional coordination office for Europe and Eurasia, the director at the Education Ministry’s learning and assessment programmes Gaetano Bugeja, and the US Embassy in Malta.

The Globe programme is already being implemented in 27 schools in Malta and Gozo. For more information about the programme visit the website below.

Teachers, scientists and the members of the public interested in being part of this global network are encouraged to e-mail Globe Country Coordinator Prof. Paul Pace on paul.j.pace@um.edu.mt.


Participants conducting a practical session on mosquito habitats.Participants conducting a practical session on mosquito habitats.


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