Saturday we cast our vote not with regards to our future in the EU, nor concerning the unity or otherwise of the family. This time it’s all about birds. So who cares? Can’t birds look after themselves?

A much better scribbler than me once said that nature, or someone above nature, looks after man, and woman of course, so all would be fine with the birds in the sky. So no need to worry about them.

The huntsmen of Malta are out to let very few make it during spring. Oh what sweetness it would be if birds got together and rained a torrent of sweet droppings on the hunters’ pates.

Birds don’t have a vote and most politicians and hunters have smaller brains than birds do.

So go to the polls, vote NO, and show you will not tolerate the idiocy of these ways. By doing so, and banning spring hunting, you will help birds wave their metaphorical middle finger at the leaders of the big political parties.

Vote No to show you think politicians are just pompous, greedy vote-catchers. Voting no will give you, and your future generations, more birds to enjoy in freedom.


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