The recent madness that has gripped this island seems to have no end in sight. The longer the wise man at Castille lingers in taking proper note of it, taking action or resigning from his position as prime minister, the worse it is for this blighted land.

Only resignations are now in order. And yes, the prime minister, by defending the indefensible, has rendered himself beyond salvation.

Keith Schembri and Konrad MizziKeith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi

Malta needs action—and it is not stupid, politicking garbage that is needed. Labourites need to forget their dumbest of excuses—saying that Gonzi and Co were corrupt is no defence. It is mere sidetracking. Panama is not just a figment of the imagination of a cheap blogger of hate. Panama is a reality.

By classifying it as an oversight or a mistake the Prime Minister is admitting he wants to defend his henchmen beyond the realms of what is permissible.

That the chief of staff in the highest office of the country was also in cahoots with the top man at the Allied Newspapers Group is another reason to call it quits. Even if Allied is a private organisation, the Prime Minister cannot be seen to have anyone close to him even slightly damaged let alone so gravely and grievously besmirched.

Some—including people who should know much better—are now talking of setting up a new party. If Marlene Farrugia is really involved in this, I fear she is a totally deluded person.

Talk of a new party right now is a distraction we do not need. Or rather this is a distraction Joseph Muscat and his sorry band badly need.

Talk of a new party right now is a distraction we do not need. Or rather this is a distraction Joseph Muscat and his sorry band badly need.

The new thesis is: Labour and PN are the same. Both are damnable; both are corrupt. So let’s have a new party where all is clean, fresh and electable.

If we start discussing the new party we lose track of the old—now old and festering—problem which is still with us. This is Panamagate and all it means. Two of the closest aides of the Prime Minister opened a secret account in Panama with secrecy as their main aim.

According to Daphne Caruana Galizia if it wasn’t for a pure coincidence she—and we—would never have found out about these secret accounts. No amount of saying we will audit this, that or the other will clear the air. The culprits are tainted and their defenders are by default tainted too.

So banish all talk of any new party. Democracy has a much bigger problem to deal with right now. And the more people of good faith—of whatever colour and ilk—speak up to clear the corridors of power of this corruption, or stink of it, the better.


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