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Travellers stranded as airport buses stuck due to ‘unplanned’ Luqa roadworks

If the day ever comes when people are given senior positions on merit rather than as a reward or favour, then these projects will be run professionally. Until then, expect more of the same. – Gordon Cook

Six-star farewell from the Maltese islands... – C. Grech

One expression to counter the ‘Welcome to Sunny Malta’ greeting on their arrival – ‘Never again’. – Joe Tabone Adami

Horrific. Remember when the biggest news was a bendy bus? Remember the fuss? – Deborah Fenech

These projects are part of the grand fraud. Absolutely unneeded; all they needed to do was to remove the roundabout there.

Now it’s been almost two years that this part of Malta has been closed. Unbelievable. – Michel Dubois

Really a project well devised for a banana republic. Taking ages and with confusion galore. Who is going to assume responsibility at Infrastructure Malta? Similar incidents happened more than once during the span of the project. – V. Buhagiar

People had to drag their suitcases through a construction site in order to make it to their flights. Photo: Arnold CassolaPeople had to drag their suitcases through a construction site in order to make it to their flights. Photo: Arnold Cassola

Anyone honest enough to take the blame? The best in Europe/the world? – Evarist Saliba

And let’s not forget that this project started when the previous one was finished some months earlier. It was complete with plants and flowers – since, of course, the flower contractor is our friend too. – J. Pace

Today was chaos on the roads, a couple of accidents and tail backs for kilometres. What civilised country has traffic like this? – M. Cassar

I have never seen such incompetence as bad as the Kirkop and Luqa projects. Bad to no signage anywhere, constantly changing routes and bad lighting, just to name a few. At one point I just ended up driving in the construction site as there was no guidance or signs anywhere.

The contractors should be ashamed of themselves. They can’t blame supply shortages or COVID for these shortcomings.

The Kappara and Marsa junctions were not perfect in execution but they were handled much better than the farce at Luqa and Kirkop. – S. Cremona

What an abysmal way for tourists to end their holiday to Malta! – D. Galea

Laughing stock of Europe. This is the treatment we reserve to anyone who dares visit the country.

Not only, but we want to target quality tourism, prominent stakeholders in the industry tell us. Yeah, sure, dream on. Not when we’re not capable to plan some simple roadworks. – A. Mifsud

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