The ordeal of taking a walk in Sliema

Fancy a walk in Sliema? That’s tricky if one is of a certain age or has some incapacity.

Let’s start with the basics: the prehistoric pavements. Did you know they are meant for walking on? They slant, dip, swerve and crack. This is particularly bad in side streets.

Many of the pavements in Sliema’s side streets are very treacherous. Photo: Shutterstock.comMany of the pavements in Sliema’s side streets are very treacherous. Photo:

Entrance to garages are the big ‘joke’. Whoever works out such entrances must have a sadistic streak towards pedestrians.

You have to go out onto the road and run the risk of being knocked down by some manic driver working his mobile. Or you might break a leg on the very uneven road surfaces.

Who built these roads?

Let’s not be daunted, however, and carry on. As you turn a corner, your progress is blocked by a pile of garbage bags, put out hours before collection time.

Then you turn another corner and a bicycle actually ridden on the pavement is on top of you. Very exciting.

We come to a particularly narrow bit of pavement. What do we find? An E-scooter, dumped exactly in one’s way.

Should you decide to go on to the promenade, your day will be made more exciting by foreign youths riding bicycles, against all the regulations (with notices clear for all to see). I have had some near misses. Fortunately they were ‘near’.

Some people like to use that obnoxious term ‘centre of excellence’ in relation to anything local. Dump the ‘excellence’. It does not exist.

Ronald Abela – Sliema


The President of Malta, George Vella, should be ashamed of himself knowing that the IVF bill would become law, by hook or by crook, because of his absence while abroad.

He, therefore, saw that a third party, instead of him, would sign the law.

However, had I asked a third party to drive in a one-way street, I would have been blamed or given a hefty ticket.

Karl Flores – San Ġwann

Peacemakers, the children of God

Greetings from the Polish border with Ukraine where I am dedicating my summer school holidays offering psycho-spiritual therapy to Ukraine refugees.

A three-year-old Ukrainian angel is inviting us all to pray for peace in the world.

Though still so young, Anton already knows the sufferings of war. This innocent Ukrainian angel merits a better world.

Blessed are the peacemakers as they shall be called children of God.

Peace be with you.

Martin Azzopardi sdc – Poland

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