Figures and facts

The prime minister informed us that 350-400 abortions are carried out yearly using medication and that this may reach 3,500-4,000 in a 10-year period. He also said he has met with dozens of women who had aborted  and, considering all these figures, he cannot close his eyes.

No reference was made to any source of information, so we must rely on the PM’s word. When asked if he will, in time, change the law to permit abortion, he replied that his party’s electoral manifesto does not give him the mandate to introduce abortion.

Cases of abortion are very difficult to understand. However, we rarely hear about the need and duty of personal responsibility. Neither do we know of any effort to restrain, in some way, such a liberal way of life. Even here, nobody can close his eyes.

I believe the prime minister is aware of the reaction the Maltese gave when asked in various surveys about this subject. I also trust in his responsibility to take due note of the results and respect them. The results have always shown a great majority against abortion and this is more powerful than an electoral manifesto.

In 2019, the majority was 85 per cent, with the only exception for cases when the mother’s life is in danger. In such a situation, 32.5 to 50 per cent did not say they are against.

Last year, a survey by MaltaToday, showed 67 per cent were contrary to decriminalisation and 18 per cent agreed. Furthermore, considering the replies from those who declared their political support in the same survey, the result shows that 66 per cent of Labour supporters and 76 per cent of Nationalist supporters are against decriminalisation. This means an average of 71 per cent of our main political party supporters. Also, about a year ago, 670 Maltese doctors signed a statement declaring their opposition to abortion.

These results are a mandate to our political parties on how they should proceed on this very important subject.

Everyone must reflect on how horrible abortion is. Jerome Lejeune, an eminent geneticist in the forefront to protect the unborn child, gives a clear and convincing explanation of how, just after a month from conception, the body of the human being is already with a heartbeat, arms and legs, head and brain taking shape.

If life did not start at conception there could be no such development in 30 days. Surely Lejeune’s convincing description cannot be ignored.

As for us, how can we close our eyes to this reality and continue insisting on introducing abortion?

Carmel Vella – Mellieħa

Striking differences

Two things caught my attention about the match bet­ween England and Iran.

First, England and a few other European countries backed down and did not wear their special captain’s armband celebrating diversity because FIFA told them not to do so. And the Iranian team lined up for their national anthem and refused to sing it, as a sign of the ongoing protest against the government’s murderous crackdown on its citizens.

On one side, a bunch of grown-up wimps from England, afraid of FIFA, while on the other side, you can bet that the Iranian government will severely punish the players for their protest; as is their usual way of dealing with protest.

So, which was the real winning team?

Alan Zelt – Naxxar



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