Keep the beach ladders

It is preposterous that, come October, ladders giving swimmers access to the sea on rocky beaches are removed.

It is time to review this policy in view of the fact that some swimmers continue to enjoy this activity even during the winter.

And, please, no excuse about these ladders being carried away by rough weather.

A proper job and maintenance is all that is required.

Pauline Bartolo – Attard

Maltese culture and history

Martin Morana’s excellent article ‘Sexual morality among the Maltese over the centuries’ in the Times of Malta (October 19) reminded me of an old second-hand book I bought at Charing Cross London bookshop some years ago.

The book’s title, Diary of a Victorian Gentleman (Anonymous), kept me eager and amused all the way on a flight to Hong Kong. Hence, I was looking forward to reading part two by this very talented Maltese author.

Guliano Borg – Gżira

Keeping memories alive

It seems to me that the only ones who benefit from a tragedy, be it an assassination, mass shooting, terrorist attack, tsunami, earthquake etc., are florists and those who sell candles. But candles burn out and flowers wilt. What a sad sick world we live in. It’s up to us to keep the flame burning and the memories alive.

John O’Dea – Naxxar

BOV’s customer care service

For the past year, I needed BOV’s customer care services more than usual and was left mostly very disappointed.

Previous to this year, I used to send an e-mail and I would get a reply within 24 hours with a full solution. However, the tone has definitely changed when I ask questions through e-mail; I always get the same reply to use internet banking. I use the BOV app and not internet banking. I do now know why the key was taken away when using internet banking. The BOV Secure Key was more user friendly.

There is also another repetitive reply which is to call the customer care offices. When I do  so, this nobody answers the phone; when I send an e-mail to call me as I cannot reach them, they say they cannot make any outbound calls. Therefore, I am left with no solution.

Lately, I needed instructions on how to use the BOV 3d Secure. I ended up receiving a reply that I should visit internet banking which I do not find very user- friendly. I got another reply, which seemed like it was copied from a manual, stating that I should visit the branch.

About three weeks ago, I went to the branch to change my surname and address, also ordered a Visa card and a cheque book. However, the cheque book never arrived and when I inquired why, I was told to go to the branch. Moreover, I was also sent a Cashlink card, which I never applied for, with my maiden name. Well done BOV customer care; the representative at the bank was very helpful and polite but still managed to forget to apply for my cheque book, as I’m still without it.

Last year, during the pandemic, my mum was not going out. They wanted her to close my late dad’s accounts by going to the branch while I insisted that this should not be the case. Finally, a bank representative gave in and told me that I can send everything by registered mail.

In this day and age and during a pandemic, I believe online customer care should facilitate one’s life and not make it more complicated. How are customers, who work the same hours as bank staff, going to find a solution to their banking issues if they are told to visit a branch? Bank of Valletta should start being realistic.

Charlene Agius Muscat – Ħamrun

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