I was brought up to believe politicians. Maybe not all but some select ones. Today it’s getting harder to believe any—and although I am no cynic by nature politicians’ ways are turning me into a politico-basher and a non-believer in all they do and say.

The more politicians talk the less I care. The more I love the Piano project—what a feat, what a great piece we have—the more I wish it was never intended for parliamentarians. The only place they deserve is some dark dungeon where the less they are heard and seen the better it is for all of us.

But, whatever the whole bunch of them say and do, nothing beats Karmenu Vella’s written answers in his quest to become an EU Commissioner.

Spin is getting out of vortex control—some are now ready to lie not just to tidy things over and fix a few loopholes.

Hold on! I cannot claim he lied for fear of being hauled in front of a judge and given some terrible jail sentence alongside a few floggings.

If he did not lie and he did vote yes to Malta’s accession to the EU then the can of worms is more rotten at the core than I ever thought possible.

If he did vote yes he went against his party, against Dr Alfred Sant, the leader then and also the leader now as he was then. Because Joseph Muscat then was vociferous in his battle-cry to keep Malta from becoming a member of the EU but to join a partnership.  

Now, Joseph Muscat and his band of merry men have had a quiet but relevant conversion—from anti-joining to being very pro-EU and membership.

However, it appears Karmenu Vella never needed a conversion. He was a committed pro-EU man even when his party leader, in a bizarre turn, called for his supporters to go out and dance in the street as Dr Alfred Sant claimed his partnership option had won the referendum.

Did Karmenu Vella go out and celebrate—maybe incognito flying the EU flag on the other side of the camp with the PN in their own, rightful victory parade?

I will be told this is history—oh yes, but history that keeps getting changed is hardly good to tell our children. So a few of us need to remind ourselves that some things happened a bit differently from the way they are being related now.

Twist on dear politicos—the more you talk the more a curse on all houses seems to fit the bill brilliantly.


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