As I am currently in Malta, I would like to thank all the benefactors who throughout these last years have been supporting my missionary work in Pakistan.

There we carry out work among the people in our care, namely children who would otherwise roam the streets in Pakistan, elderly left all alone, and disabled persons, all of whom have been abandoned by their families.

In Pakistan life is very hard and the conditions of most of the common people is terrible. We strive every day to be able to provide food and lodging together with medicines according to specific needs.

Your financial assistance has always been of paramount importance. Often I feel disheartened and adversities make me lack the courage to carry on but your support has always encouraged me.  For this, my community and I are so grateful.

Though you have not done any missionary work away from your country you can be assured that through your financial help you have indeed been instrumental in helping many people.

In spite of my age I am carrying on with my task, that of giving shelter, food and care to the destitute, but most of all giving love and assurance where neglect and misery is the norm.

While thanking you again, I may be contacted at the Convent of the Sisters of Charity of St Jeanne Antide at Tarxien, telephone number 2169 4451.


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