Returning to Malta for a short stay, I noticed with interest the article by John Cassar White on the Malta Public Transport service (‘Sorry not in service’, February 11).

The short-term solution is to reduce the overlap in bus services and to run routes on main roads only and not deviate to stop at every lamp post. Arriva had started to do this but, of course, that did not satisfy those too idle to walk a few metres.

There is a logical long-term solution, which would give Malta, and Gozo, a decent system. There is talk of a tunnel to Gozo. Why not have a light rail transport system, based on tunnels and surface throughout the islands? With such a system, people could commute to Gozo. It would not be necessary to transport cars. Those wanting to take cars can use the ferry service, which would keep everyone happy.

Much of the infrastructure is still around in Malta, from the original Malta rail service, which ran from Valletta through Attard and Birkirkara to Mdina. This could be extended on surface or via tunnels to Luqa and then Dingli. Similarly, an east � west line could be introduced. Bus services would then link to the stations.

Unfortunately, public transport requires ministers with vision, which is in short supply. The people who design and run the system at the top are not usually the people who use the service and therein lies the crux of the problem.


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