Floriana is already know for its green links – but it is now seeking to add another aspect to that: making its church greener.

The parish church is lit up with 6,000 bulbs for the feast of St Publius feast, celebrated annually on the second Sunday after Easter.

The scene is an attraction for locals and tourists but it comes at a cost.

In 2005-2006, the church reduced its costs after church volunteers spent hours in a cage, dangling from an enormous crane, fixing the lights permanently to the facade. This allowed them to save on the cost of the contractor that rigged up and dismantled the festoons every year.

Now, the parish is hoping to cut back on the substantial electricity bill.

A fundraising campaign has been launched to replace the bulbs with greener LED bulbs.

According to Antonio Agius, the church of Floriana was the first one in Malta to have electric power: the first power station was built in the locality.

The Floriana Parish Church was the among the first to have its facade illuminated by electricity, as visualised on photos dating from the begining of the last century.

All those who wish to participate in this fundraising lottery can help by donating €2 for which they will be given a ticket that can win them beautiful prizes.


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