Mapfre MSV Life has launched a limited special offer on its Single Premium Plan.

The main added value benefits of this limited special offer include a one per cent additional allocation to the initial investment and no entry fees. 

The Single Premium Plan offers a capital guarantee if the investment is retained up to maturity or upon earlier death. 

This limited special offer is for a 15-year term investment in a Single Premium Plan with a minimum contribution of €10,000. The Single Premium Plan contributions are invested in the MAPFRE MSV Life With Profits Fund − a low to medium risk investment which offers potential for growth while protecting the investment from short-term volatility. 

The investment grows in line with the annual bonuses declared by MAPFRE MSV Life which, once declared, are added to the policy account. This bonus can be withdrawn annually as a form of income or can be retained within the policy account and benefits from compounding as bonuses are added from year to year. 

This limited special offer Single Premium Plan also has the possibility of benefitting from any additional final bonus which MAPFRE MSV Life may declare to be payable in the year when the policy matures.

As an insurance-based investment product, this limited special offer Single Premium Plan is a tax-efficient investment and is an ideal investment for estate planning which allows for beneficiaries to be nominated.

Etienne Sciberras, CEO of MAPFRE MSV Life, said: “We are pleased to launch this limited special offer in the market and we believe that its added value features make it a good value proposition for those investors looking for a reliable and non-volatile long-term savings product. We are aware of the difficulty that savers and investors face when seeking to select investment options in the market that offer an attractive return while matching their risk profile and appetite, particularly in the low interest rate environment that we have been experiencing for the past years.

“In this regard, through this 2021 limited special offer on our Single Premium Plan, we are seeking to offer investors with immediate added value through the one per cent additional allocation that we will immediately add to their investment. We have also waived all entry fees, making the proposition even more attractive.  

“The Single Premium Plan is considered to be a low-risk investment since the With Profits Fund (in which the funds are invested) provides a capital guarantee upon maturity or earlier death. As such, our customers will benefit from the peace of mind that a With Profits investment provides while benefitting from the annual bonuses which we declare together with the possibility of benefitting from an additional final bonus. This investment is also considered to be tax efficient since bonuses are paid tax free in the hands of the policyholder.”

MAPFRE MSV Life started to accept applications for the 2021 Limited Special Offer Single Premium Plan from last Tuesday, October 25. This is a limited time offer that will close on December 31 or earlier at the discretion of MAPFRE MSV Life.

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