Hästens beds are a dream combining quality, passion and artisanal execution, says Kristina Cassar Dowling.

Drifting off into a good night’s sleep is one of the most satisfying sensations you can experience. It doesn’t quite matter if you’re a newborn with nap times firmly pinned to the top of your schedule or if you’re a rowdy teenager calling it a night at the early hours of the morning – sleep is precious.

But what if you were told you haven’t even skimmed the surface of this daily necessity – and that slipping into bed could be an even more coveted experience?

A perfect night’s rest in Malta is no longer an unachievable task as Hästens – the Swedish specialist bed manufacturer – has found its way to Malta under the dealership of Form at Valley Road, Msida.

Sales manager at Form, Julian Galea commented: “We’ve been waiting for the right moment to bring the luxury and comfort of Hästens to Malta and this is the right time. The Ferrari of beds has finally made it to our shores and will hopefully give the Maltese public a well-deserved good night’s sleep.”

Hästens has been an unrivalled bed manufacturer for the past 167 years. Established in 1852, Hästens has been through six generations – yet the passion for comfort remains undiluted, and is translated into crafted Swedish handmade beds, tailored with high-grade flax, wool and cotton, slow-grown Swedish pine and authentic hypoallergenic horsehair.

These showstopping beds range from starting price of €4,000 and cruise up to €100,000 – an investment that’s guaranteed to improve your quality of sleep, invigorating you to live your best life.

Vilma Karalevičiūtė, Hästens brand ambassador commented: “With this sleep system, you’re allowing yourself to be the best version of yourself.”

There's a reason why Hästens is voted the number one bed in the world and that’s a mix of quality, passion and artisanal execution.

What makes all this better? All materials used are ethically sourced and sustainably grown, there’s also no major rush pushing craftsmen to cut corners and miss a few hems every now and then. These comfortable beauties take trained bed makers over 350 hours to handcraft, and every item crafted is not allowed out of the workshop until the final approval is given.

Each bed is special and carries that little bit of luxury that makes for a well-deserved rest.

“I go to bed with a massive smile across my face and I wake up smiling too,” Galea said. “It’s incredible how a bed can change so much in your life – and you only begin to notice when those 4pm yawns begin to fade away.”

The value of sleep is taken for granted so deeply – we think it’s simply a bodily function that powers up our mechanism to undergo all the robotic tasks we’re due to carry out the following day. But sleep is a lot more than a recharge to the system; its beneficial qualities are what make us want it so much and luckily they’re all good for us. Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, brighten your mood and boost your memory with a good night’s sleep – make it absolutely perfect with a Hästens night’s sleep.

During this miraculous moment of sleep the body and mind work together in complete harmony to improve our life and all you have to do is... sleep.

Sleep, as Torbjorn Akerstedt, Professor of Psychology at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden explains, is what fuels you and that every unique individual ‘should sleep as much as they [you] need in order to feel fit the next day’ – but there’s a key factor we need to keep in mind when discussing sleep.

The common mantra is that we need to get eight hours of sleep every night. But even though we may be in bed for eight or even nine hours, we’re not getting a full eight hours of deep sleep. This very much depends on our bed, mattress, pillow and bedding.

A Hästens bed is the pinnacle sleeping system anyone deserving should buy. The Sleep Spa situated at the Hästens showroom in Valley Road, Msida is open to discover more about the range and its bountiful health perks. You’re even welcome to try the beds out for yourself in the quiet display set up for the public to immerse themselves in a whole new sleeping experience.

It’s time to give your current bed its final bedtime story; the comfort slayer is here to make the ultimate impression. The best beds in the world – allowing you to live your dream, one sleep at a time.



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