I would like to weigh in on the minefield of loaded terms that is ‘women’s rights’ and abortion.

A lot of misinformation has already been injected into the national consciousness by local agitators and ‘activists’, to the tune that women should have access to abortion in certain cases and that nobody enters and stays in prostitution voluntarily.

The latter is demonstrably false, as former sex workers Mariska Majoor and Lola Davina both rigorously document in their books for sale on Amazon (you will certainly never find them for sale on local bookshelves in Malta). The Dutch documentary Ouwehoeren (Meet the Fokkens) also lays waste to the misconception that sex workers are coerced into their trade.

This may come as a surprise to Maltese moralists and bigots but an activity is not demeaning and degrading just because certain people find it demeaning and degrading. In fact, sex workers in many developed countries stand to make quite a lot of money peddling their bodies on the open market and many can, in fact, retire quite comfortably after a few years of work.

Secondly, abortion is by no means a human right. A woman’s organisation here in Malta claims, among other things, that women should have a right to abortion to “preserve a woman’s physical and mental health” and in “cases of rape and incest”.

Is there a test for fashionable ‘mental illnesses’ like multiple personality disorder, pre-partum depression or hysteria? No there isn’t, which means any pregnant woman can conceivably cook up a tall tale to have her uterus flushed out at her convenience and on the people’s dime. This is inadmissible.

The claim that rape victims have a right to an abortion is also ludicrous. It amounts to saying that a woman has the right to kill her baby because his biological father is a horrible person. How is a baby responsible for the acts of his father and why should he be murdered because of his dad’s bad decisions?

I would also draw your attention to the sleeper hit movie Gosnell, the Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, which demonstrates what laxity in abortion laws holds in store for any country which gives in to the toxic ‘liberal and progressive’ agenda.