A number of the largest real estate agents in Malta are currently studying the possibility of using Ledger Projects’ Distributed Ledger Technology to share information related to the local property market between themselves.

This was announced by David Schranz and Anthony Mamo, directors of Ledger Projects, the first local blockchain company launched in Malta last year.

“Our DLT platform, which is an extension of our first product LP01 which we launched last year, will make it possible for stakeholders to have accurate real-time information about the industry for the first time ever within a blockchain environment that is secure, distributed and immutable,” they said.

“Eventually the data collected within the system may also assist other stakeholders to understand emerging trends to enable these to pre-empt infrastructural requirements,” explained the directors.

This product will be supported by Bitfury’s flagship platform Exonum.

“This latest development confirms how Ledger Projects’ platform has since last September been evolving from a simple DLT application to a complex ecosystem with a robust use case for full-scale projects and services. It is also an important milestone following the company’s announcement earlier this year of Ledger Projects’ signing of a partnership with global blockchain company Bitfury Group,” added the two directors.

A spokesperson from the real estate agency involved in the discussions said: “We feel that this collection of information will be extremely beneficial to our industry and to our business operations. The blockchain technology and its applications are moving forward at a fast pace and we are very excited to be getting involved at this early stage.”

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