Malta’s first-ever mission to outer space will also feature a message by local schoolchildren to act now to prevent climate change. 

The message, in the form of a music video produced by San Andrea School, will be streamed live from space during the Project Maleth mission scheduled for August 18. 

Project Maleth involves sending a biocube onto the International Space Station – the first time in history that Malta will be involved in a space mission. 

  The capsule will contain samples of bacteria found in ulcers of diabetes patients, for specialised biomedical research that will allow researchers to observe  the effects of space on human blood and the control of haemoglobin expression. The research project is being spearheaded by the University of Malta. 

Students and staff of San Andrea school, as well as parents, have created a music video that will be streamed from aboard the ISS. The video features San Andrea schoolchildren performing Sing for the Climate, which is set to the tune of anti-fascist anthem Bella Ciao, calls on EU leaders to adhere to global climate change agreements. 

The locally-produced version features eight singers and will also be remixed by teen DJ Denzel Armani, with plans to release both tracks as a vinyl single later this year. 

The music viceo was shot and directed by Matthew Muscat Drago and officially launched on Saurday morning. 

Project Maleth lead scientist Joseph Borg was present for the launch, with Belgian TV personality Nic Balthazar, who kickstarted the Sing for the Climate campaign internationally in 2015, also joining. 

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