“I’ll call an election,” said the king, standing near his castle. All talk of greed, hidden accounts, corruption, investigations, kickbacks and Iranian banks are causing undue pressure on this fabled land.”

And, like the famed magician the king was, he produced a new rabbit out of his grand crown and the election was decreed.

“The people,” said the king, “are supreme and should be treated well. They do not deserve this maddening instability.” The people cheered. The masses called out for more statesmanship, more years of the king’s dominance, more years of the king’s smug smiles and nods.

The king bowed and sang; “It’s my party and I do what I want to”. The king’s wife, in a glorious cape, smiled while the crowd swayed to the rhythm.

The people never had it so good. So why find a new king and queen?


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